One thing about this time of year is that if you look in the right places, you can find some pretty good deals for those things you've been waiting for.

My wife and I have been talking about getting another family vehicle. We desperately need one, but have been holding back because of a million different excuses. We only have one vehicle for our household right now and that makes for some very difficult situations when it comes to work and carting the family around.

With two adults and five kids, you can imagine the struggle this has been. We make it though, but this is going to have to be fixed soon because the kids are growing like weeds.

Have you ever dealt with this problem? Too many people for the transportation you have? We find working in shifts helps a lot.

I guess it may be time to break down and cruise the town for car sales. I hate doing it but there has to be a deal that is right for my family out there.

Do you seem to find good deals this time of year? How do you handle those big purchases and find the right deals? Do you think shopping this time of year is better than any other part of the year?

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