A couple of years ago my wife started giving our kids an allowance. It was something that was difficult for us to do but we wanted to reward our kids for good behavior and give back to them for doing good with their chores and other things.

At first we just randomly picked the amount from what we had at the moment. In talking with other parents that do allowance for their kids we have found that they have different ways of handling it.

This has been fairly new to us because we didn't get allowance when we were growing up. As soon as we were able we both went to work and earned an actual check.

Those opportunities are not as available to my young kids since we don't live on the farm so we have them do things around the house.

Some people we talked to do a dollar for every year they are born paid weekly. That means my 9 year old would get $9 every week with no stipulation.

Do you agree with that? How do you handle allowance?

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