Thinkstock - Ivan Kopylov
Thinkstock - Ivan Kopylov

I've had the pleasure of driving quite a few miles thru Carbon and Stillwater County the past few days.  I love the scenery during the daylight hours. At night time, it's a different story.

First off, there are tons of deer.  Obviously this is not fun. It also seems to me that a ton of drivers on the two-lane highways from Red Lodge to Absarokee to Columbus have a real problem dimming their headlights to oncoming traffic.  I realize we all want to see if a deer is about to jump in front of us on the highway.  But I can't see anything if I'm blinded by your giant trucks high output lights.  Maybe the headlight beams need adjusting? Isn't it state law to dim to oncoming traffic? Maybe I'm just a whiner?

Safe driving out there.


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