Thousands of donated items of personal protective equipment have been delivered to many Billings area organizations, with more items still being requested.

A PPE donation center was set up in the Sandstone Building at MetraPark in early April, with many of the donated items coming from "corporate donors and the Strategic National Stockpile," according to a press release from Yellowstone County COVID-19 Command.

N95 masks, gloves, surgical masks, gowns and other PPE were delivered to 19 local organizations that included the Billings, Lockwood, and Shepherd Fire Departments, Yellowstone Co. Sheriff's Department, and the Yellowstone Co. Detention Facility.

Each of the organizations were given different types and quantities of PPE. Those donations included about 170 boxes N95 masks; about 33 boxes of surgical and other masks; approximately 35 boxes of surgical gowns; and more than 130 boxes of various types of gloves. Also distributed to some of the organizations were cleaning wipes, bottled water and respirator masks. -Yellowstone Co. COVID-19 Command

Here are the PPE items that are being requested, preferably in their original packaging:

  • N95 Respirators: 1860, 8210, Inovell 3000 and 1870, 1870+, 9210, 9211, 8511Z
  • Surgical masks, including ASTM Levels 1, 2, 3,
  • Hand sanitizer, 70% alcohol preferred
  • Tyvek overalls and Tyvek hoods
  • Face shields
  • Thermometers, oral (digital) and no touch
  • Goggles (no splash preferred)
  • Disinfectants: (Fuzion item # 31478), Caviwipes, Clorox/Lysol disinfecting wipes
  • Isolation gowns (Fluid resistant).

Before donating PPE items, please call 406.208.8154 to schedule a drop off time.

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