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First, let's talk booze. I couldn't even venture a guess on how many different flavored whiskeys, vodkas, and tequilas are available now. But I've tied several and found some that I like.

Pictured is a bottle of somewhat hard to find Crown Royal Peach whiskey. Crown Royal Apple is my favorite and has an extremely low sugar content. But a little Crown Royal Peach over the holidays sounds kind of tasty.

Along with these flavored boozes comes some new recipes maximizing the flavors of these assorted flavors.

I've got a listener who is going to bring me a bottle of Pepper Vodka. I'll let you know how it is.

I've heard all of the hype about Pickle Vodka, but have not tried any of it yet.

I loved Fireball cinnamon whiskey, but it had so much sugar in it that I had to give it up.

I'm not a fan of Tom & Jerry's that are popular this time of year. And I've just never cared for tequila or rum, which is sad because it's all free at our resort in Mexico.

Now the "request" part of my article. Tomorrow is the last day on the air this year for Paul and me. So, I have decided that we are gonna live it up a little bit by playing all requests tomorrow morning.

So, leave me a reply on what you would like to hear and I will try to get it played for you tomorrow morning.

And I also hope that some of the requests are Christmas songs because we never work around the time that our station starts playing our Christmas music. And I still like to hear a few of them.

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