Last week I was talking about a friend of mine who is Christmas Crazy. She starts her decorating on 11/1, the day after Halloween. That seems a little excessive to me, but that's probably because growing up we were on the classic "day after Thanksgiving" schedule.

Today I saw a report about early decorators being happier people and honestly it kind of made sense. Our world (especially in a political year) is full of stress and anxiety and since most people associate Christmas decorations with peace, love, childhood and great memories, it stands to reason that surrounding yourself with plastic Santas and Rudolphs could form a bit of a barrier between you and the bad stuff.

I'll probably stick to my usual early December decorating plan, but this article has me tempted to put up a few things a little early this year. I will go on record saying that there is no need to start Christmas music before December 10th.

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