Anytime I catch a cold or get sick, I do my best to hide it from my TWO sets of parents. My mom and dad. And Mark & Paul.

When my real parents hear that I'm under the weather, I receive a non-stop list of things I need to do. Eat more oranges. Get more sleep. Take Cold Eeze. Get some honey and lemon. Gargle with Epsom Salt. Drink aloe vera juice. Cover yourself in essential oils. Put Neosporin on it.

And then there's Mark and Paul. Being sick around the Breakfast Flakes just means more teasing and beatings. Paul calls me Typhoid Mary, and Mark will suggest that I go home, get into my Winnie The Pooh onesie, and get some rest.

I just want to get through my cold without giving it to anyone else, and with as little harassment as possible.

Is there one suggestion you get tired of hearing every time you get a little sniffle?
If you would swear by your cold-remedy, what is it?


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