It's hard for me to believe but we're all getting older. I saw recent photos of some of the people I went to school with and some surprised me. There were gray hairs flying. I don't have any probably because I shave my head. If I grew out my hair I might be a little surprised to see what came out.

There's a lot of truths and myths about gray hair though. Some I had no idea about.

1. Genetics is the top cause of going gray, but stress, nutrition and hormones can also influence your hair color.

2. By age 30 you will likely notice a few gray hairs, and by age 50, about half your hair will be gray. Pulling out gray hairs will not cause two more to grow in their place, contrary to the old wives' tales.

3. Do dark-haired people go gray earlier than blondes? No. It is just more obvious.

4. White hairs are not courser, contrary to belief. In fact hair becomes finer as we age. Because aging hair is also drier and produces less oil, it can give the impression of being coarser.

5. It is impossible to go gray overnight. It is a more gradual process. The temples typically gray first, followed by the crown and finally the back.