I'm honestly disappointed in you, Montana. You could have had better favorites than this one. Angry Birds, World of Tanks, and even Candy Crush were popular in other states, but we're the only ones in the United States that have one of the worst games ever made as our favorite according to Google Trends searches.

Okay, spill the beans, what game is it?

Credit: IGN via YouTube
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Yes, seriously. Flappy Bird. A study done by BitsAndPieces.com found the most popular game in each state according to its Google Trends search popularity in the year of that particular game's release. And Flappy Bird has continued to be the most popular game searched in Montana since the game's release in 2013, and nowhere else.

I remember just how frustrating this game is, because of the sensitivity of this little bird's jumps. If ANY part of that bird hits the pipe, you lose, so even if you think you're in the clear, you may just slightly graze the pipe with a wing and lose your streak. Eventually, the game was removed from the App Store by its creator because of the game's addictiveness.

Luckily, Flappy Bird isn't the most popular game overall in Montana.

That honor goes to Among Us, which rose in popularity last year thanks to YouTubers playing the game with others. Other popular games in Montana include Red Dead Redemption 2 and World of Warcraft, depending on which study you follow. I've personally played every game mentioned here, and I think World of Warcraft is the game I've put the most time into out of them all.

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If you've never heard of Flappy Bird, you can check out this video from IGN on YouTube that showcases gameplay. It's so simple, yet so frustrating. Let's find a mobile game that Montanans love more than this one, please.

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