I was in the heights Walmart yesterday picking up three $ 150.00 gift cards that we will raffle off Saturday night at the Dog House Parade. I snapped a quick photo of this lady playing Galaxian.

This particular console also has a couple of other games on it and sells for $ 299.00. I got to thinking about it and ended up on the Walmart website. If you want something like this, you have many many choices.

Stand up, sit down, tabletop, handheld, joystick, button-operated, and more.

If you're into the old-school video games that were so big in the late seventies and early eighties, you can find whatever game you were good at on this site.

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A company called Suncoast Arcade has a sit-down set up with over 400 games. (the same two-person Ms Pacman game that Village Inn Pizza has had for so many years.)

The price is $ 1249.00 which is a little spendy, but if it's going to be the focal point of your home arcade game room, it might be worth it to you.

I only played a couple of these games when I was a kid due to a quarter shortage. So when I did have money, I wanted to play the games that I was good at and Galaxian was one of them. We had one in the Pizza Hut that I worked at, so I played this one a lot.

And if the lady in the picture came back about ten minutes later, she would see that she no longer had the high score.

The kid's still got it.

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