If you see emergency vehicles and smoke coming from the northwest side of the airport tomorrow (9/26), there's nothing to be worried about.

Fire training required by the FAA will take place at Billings Logan International Airport on Thursday evening. Aviation and Transit Department, and Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Division (ARFF) employees will be involved in the training from 7pm to 10pm at the airport's training facility.

During past training activities, some concerned residents contacted 911 after seeing smoke billowing from the airport during fire training sessions.

According to the BIL airport website, the Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Division has specific tasks that include:

  • Respond to and manage all aircraft and Airport related emergencies. This includes aircraft responses, medical responses, as well as other facility related emergencies and incidents.

  • Staff and tenant training, and emergency preparedness.

  • Tenant inspections and FAA related compliance documentation.

  • Community outreach and coordination to include providing mutual aid support.



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