Fireball cinnamon whiskey has been pulled off of shelves all over Europe because of what they deem is too high of levels of propylene glycol... which is used in anti-freeze for its ability to lower the freezing point of water which keeps your radiator from becoming a giant ice cube in January.

In North American government regulations allow concentrations of up to 50 grams of anti... er, propylene glycol per kilogram but in Europe they allow no more than 3 grams per kilogram. Turns out the fine folks from Fireball accidentally shipped the North American formula, with it's higher concentrations of the chemical, to Finland, Sweden and Norway. It is not being recalled in North America.

Don't be too alarmed though, while drinking anti-freeze could get your seriously killed, the amount of propylene glycol (even in the North American version of Fireball) is safe according to the FDA. Plus you consume propylene glycol every day as a flavoring agent in soft drinks, sweeteners and other adult beverages. Can't speak for everyone but when I drink Fireball I stay warm down to -40. Plus I hear dogs love it! Kidding.

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