Wowser! The first day of Fall - the Fall equinox - is here.  And she came in like a lion.  Snow west of Billings and lots of it coming down in the hills and mountains. I realize it'll all melt when we get back into the 60's and low 70's next week. I'm okay with that. Sometime we get the short stick on seasons in Montana.

I'm looking forward to fall fishing and getting up in mountains to take some Senior pics of the kid (hopefully not too late for that). Cooler nights and getting to bed earlier is great. Football and soup is nice too.  I do most of the cooking at my house and have a handful of favorite soups I make, but I'm always looking for suggestions.  What are some of your favorite fall foods/recipies?  And please don't tell me pumpkin spice. That is not a food group.  Although some of those pumpkin microbrews are tasty.

Stay warm and dry this weekend!


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