Someone please remind me that unless cooking in some fashion involves a Weber grill, that I should not be involved in the process at all.  Wow, I really made an award winner for "ugliest dinner".  But because of it, I have your chance to win a "real" dinner at Grains Of Montana.

Honestly, I didn't think there was any way possible you could goof something up in a crock pot.  Boy was I wrong.

So here is how "Fletcher Vs. Food" will work.  In the comments section, simply identify what the horrendous dish on the plate is.   Now you don't have to tell me exactly what the title of the dish is, or every ingredient, or the step by step process you make it, because quite honestly, I couldn't tell you either.

If you are somewhat close to naming what this insult to any person's palate is, and if you are the first to do so, you'll win a $10 gift card from Grains Of Montana.

And I want to be perfectly clear...this WAS NOT from Grains.  This dish was "my own Frankenstein".  Good luck, give us your best guess in the comments below, and be part of "Fletcher Vs. Food"!