The need at Zoo Montana is great and immediate.  Our zoo gets no state or federal tax money to operate and is completely dependent on attendance and donations.  The employees of Townsquare Media, operators of Cat Country and several other stations in Billings, are asking for your help.

Livin' Large Larry from K-Bear radio is "Freezin' For A Reason" at the zoo right now to demonstrate the need and encourage you to help.  Here's Larry at the beginning of the event Tuesday night on KULR-8

The zoo is facing a crisis in funding right now, that only money can help. There is a critical need for cash to keep the Zoo operating into the Spring season when attendance picks up. Help right now by clicking on the link for the Zoo donation page Keeping the zoo open will benefit you and every one around you.

Zoo Montana draws nearly 100,000 visitors each year to see the animals and make use of the 72 acre facility. The zoo has been growing and taking in animals on a regular basis. Remember the bears from Yellowstone Park last spring that found a new home at the zoo. It's all part of the mission of Zoo Montana.

Recently, the zoo was asked to take in a pair of bison from the recently closed Montana Large Animal Rescue Sanctuary. The actions saved the bison from being euthanized.Bison coming to Zoo Montana

Our zoo is one of only 7 of more than 200 zoos in the United States which doesn't get money from your taxes. Zoo Montana is completely dependent on your attendance, donations and generosity.

Here's a link to the Zoo Montana web page too.

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