Actor and comedian Richard Belzer died this week. He was Detective Munch on Law & Order SVU, which is a show that I watch a lot. I first saw him in the movie "Fame" which came out in 1980.

A couple of Flakes shout-outs. First to Lisa Skov who teaches at Lockwood and got a $500 check as part of the "One Class At A Time" program. A great lady who has helped us with Flakesgiving for many years.

Also to Kristen Rapacz, who gives free haircuts to kids involved with Tumbleweed. Very generous to give your time and talent to kids who really need it. Good job.

A proposed $112 million recreation center that they want to build on the south side is being discussed. From what I understand and what Q2 reported, there's a $30 million grant leaving us taxpayers with a bill over $80 million. The property taxpayers are already over-taxed. And they don't owe you recreation.

Credit: City of Billings
Credit: City of Billings


Add in the talk of building a FOURTH high school in Billings, which won't be cheap. But it would be paid for by those same taxpayers. You can't keep coming back to the taxpayers.

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And we are quite happy to report that Bob McGuire rejoins the Flakes program Monday morning for his long-running weather report in the mornings. Behind the scenes of what goes on at radio stations, most don't know the stuff that we have to fight for. Having Bob back with us until our run at Cat Country is done, is just the right thing to do. Loyalty is important. And we're extremely grateful that the bosses saw our side of things.

Stay warm this weekend. We'll be back Monday at 5 a.m.

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