We had a story this week about Ted Nugent shooting feral pigs from a helicopter. I once shot coyotes out of a plane. Big advantage.

Sunday is the Roaddogs toy run. It's their 39th annual. If you've never seen the parade come down Broadwater Avenue, you should. Starts at noon.

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It was announced that they want to build a twelve-floor building where Yesteryear's Antiques is currently sitting. The first two floors will be retail. Then 10 floors of apartments. Is there any chance that a little bit of that retail might be Pug Mahons? Didn't think so.

We got an honest-to-goodness song request this week. We don't get a lot of those anymore.

There are still 2 K-Marts left. You'll find them in Miami and New York. Not even the "Hey, I shipped my pants" ad campaign could save them.

There was a small ad in the Gazette this week letting us know that if we would like to be present when the Department of Revenue is snooping around our property, you need to notify them in writing.

I paid the first half of my property taxes this week. Montana has got to stop putting the cost of everything on the property owners. And you know that they're just going to keep asking for more. I suspect that Billings voters haven't seen the last of the "asks" for a rec center. Also, there's the whole "no room at the jail" thing". That won't be cheap to fix either.

And my favorite thing from this past week was the guy who names his dogs after the people that he got the dog from. So he had dogs named Barry and Jim. Awesome.

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