Bacon! What isn't there to enjoy about this delicious treat? Microwaved, baked or fried (the best way to cook it) this salty meat has been a breakfast staple for a long time.  Much longer than I thought it turns out.  I did a little research on bacon and here are some greasy, crispy fun facts you may not know.

- It's been around a loooong time.  The Chinese were the first to cook salted pork bellies all the way back around 1500 BC.

- A 250 pound pig yields around 23 pounds of bacon. Oink.

- Bacon is GOOD for pregnant women! True story.  It contains a compound called choline, that aids in brain development of the baby.

- The average American consumes about 18 lbs of bacon per year.  Clearly, they did not survey my family.

- A butcher in Paris created a bacon cologne back in 1920.  "Excuse, me.. what is that lovely scent you're wearing?"

- Bringing home the bacon has nothing to do with a paycheck.  In 12th century England, churches would give a gentleman a side of bacon if he swore before God and the Church that he had not argued with his wife for an entire year. I'm not making this up.

- Speaking of churches, there is a Church Of Bacon that supposedly has 13,000 members. Their commandment is "Praise Bacon".

- Baconfest is this Saturday at Metra Park!! Get your tickets now and save $5 bucks by getting them in advance at any Shiptons Big R.




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