You know better than I do that there is a big game this Sunday with the Broncos taking on the Panthers. This game reflects a little closer to Billings than in games past because of the Broncos being fairly close to home and there being a lot of Broncos fans here.

Regardless of who is playing, is the Big Game about the game or is it about the commercials that cost millions to run?

Remember these from years past?

I know a lot of people that watch every single year not for the game but for the commercials. Most of them couldn't care less who is playing the game. In fact, this is just about the only time they ever watch TV for the commercials instead of the actual program.

Is that crazy?

Millions upon millions are spent every year not only to air these commercials, but to make them too. All for about 30 seconds of laughter and memory.

I am not complaining. I actually think that some of the best product placement theories comes at this game time. Some of the most creative ideas come about just because of this game and most of them rock.

So what is it for you this Sunday? Game or Commercials?

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