Have you ever been so busy, the your work space gets so disorganized that you can't find anything?

This has been happening to me.

This winter and spring has been a very busy one for me. On the go has been an understatement for sure. As a result, I have neglected my office in a very big way.

Drawers with crap strung throughout them has made it difficult to find anything.

I am the type of guy that knows where everything is and can grab it within a second. I am very much on the go and like to accomplish things in a split moment.

As I went to tackle a task today it was quite evident that I needed to take care of things.

The before picture is above. Here is the after picture.

Hot Rod Thompson, TSM
Hot Rod Thompson, TSM

Now the challenge is to keep it this way for longer than a day.

How organized are you? Show me!

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