BQQ in Absorkee
This Sunday is the
17th annual bbq competition up in Absorkee.
Things get rolling about 11 a.m. and go until about 6. You can sample food from 40 different vendors. Most of which are hoping to be the Grand Champion.
Live music, microbrews, and fabulous food...
Missing My BBQ
I'm sorry, buddy. You KNOW how much I love spending time with you, but this snow has kept us apart.
It's not just you, either. The Treager and I haven't seen a whole lot of each other either.
So, it's just gonna be another boring dance with the stove inside tonight...
Friday BBQ
Not that everyday isn't already BBQ day, but today just seems more appropriate
I'll be using words like "marinate", "smoke" and "beverage".
What's on your menu for tonight?
Give a Pint, Get a Burger
When I hear about a blood drive, I typically think to myself, "I should go do that." If you meet all the qualifications (over 16, over 100 lbs and basically healthy) and you don't have some sort of needle phobia, there isn't a good reason to not donate...
Good Times At Jim Bridger Day
Plenty of good times coming up this weekend, at Jim Bridger Day!   This morning we heard about this event that offers plenty of fun for just about everybody in the family and is filled with good old fashioned summertime fun! Enjoy the parade, a demolition derby, a tasty barbecue, and the L…
The Rain Ruined My Weekend Barbeque
As I have mentioned before I live in Billings historic district in one of the renovated brick buildings that was converted to lofts within the last couple of years. The back of my building has a cool deck that backs up right next to the railroad tracks...

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