As a result of the Federal Transit Administration's new Low-No Emission and Bus Facilities Program, you'll soon see MET Transit buses around town that aren't like their usual fleet. That's because instead of guzzling gasoline, they'll need to charge overnight. That's right, they're electric buses. The grant will also help improve the bus stations with charging stations and training of staff. But, when will we see them? That answer remains to be seen for now.

Expanded Transit Options for Billings Residents

Credit: City of Billings / Gillig
Credit: City of Billings / Gillig

The FTA's Low-No Emission Program awards grants specifically to introduce low or no emission transit vehicles in the United States. The grant awarded to Billings' MET Transit system, in the amount of $3,880,316, is available for the next four years. According to a Press Release from MET Transit, these funds will be used to replace four out-of-life diesel buses with four Gillig Battery Electric buses.

Of course, these buses will be the signature blue color that the MET Transit buses are known for, rather than the red, white, and blue color above. There's also no word as of right now regarding when we will see these buses in the Magic City, but MET Transit has four years to build the infrastructure needed to support the buses and, of course, obtain the buses themselves.

Billings' Approved Application is One of 150

The FTA approved grants for 150 transit systems across the country, totaling $1.66 billion. This also comes in the middle of changes that MET Transit is making in order to improve the needs of the city. With our population growing, more and more people are riding the bus, and these plans are going to be shown to anyone interested at the Billings Library downtown on August 18th.

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What do you think about the dawn of electric buses in the Magic City? Do you think it's not necessary for our city? Let us know online. We want to know what you think.

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