For Katie Thurman, this will be among the best birthday memories, when Montana’s representative in Congress called to wish Happy Birthday.

And sang.

Katie, one of the owners of Big Dipper Ice Cream in downtown Billings, came on Montana Talks with guest host Daniel Zolnikov to discuss the business and the many roles she has to assume, one of them not scooping ice cream. And this day was her birthday.

What she didn’t know was that Daniel arranged for Rep. Gianforte to call while she was on air. And Greg agreed to sing.

Here is the audio of this special call on her special day.

Many Thanks to Rep. Greg Gianforte for taking a little time from his very busy days, to further celebrate this delightful young businesswoman’s birthday. It is the light-hearted, humorous moments that are so endearing and so needed.

And just think, Katie, you were serenaded by a future Governor of Montana!


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