Being born in December near Christmas was always like having back to back awesome days. This year was even better after I opened my card from Donny Osmond.

The card was actually sent by Ruth & Kevin at Trackside Auto Body.

It took me back to the days when Donny & Marie had their own TV show. (She was a little bit country. He was a little bit rock & roll.)  I've talked to a lot of folks who have seen their show at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. 900,000 people attended their show over their 11-year residency.

If you want to have Donny sing to someone, go to the American Greetings website. Donny apparently sang dozens of names, so there's a good chance that the name you want is on there.

You also get to pick which age he sings. Pick from the individual number (1-100), 20 something, 29 and holding, 40-50-60-70-80 something, who knows how old, and the one I received, "You're super duper old." Funny.

You can also get cards sung by Michael Bolton or Smokey Robinson. William Shatner will shout a card for you.

So, if you see Donny, please thank him for me. And tell him that Mark Wilson thought his brothers' country album with "I Think About Your Loving All The Time" was really good.

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