happy birthday

Happy Birthday, Dad
My dad was born on this day in 1922, now 97. You have to wonder what his generations thinks about the direction of the country. I know he has said numerous times that he is glad he won't be around in 10 years to see what happens. He started saying that 30 years ago...
The Birthday Song
"Happy, happy birthday, on your special day. Happy, happy birthday, just wanted to say HEY!"
That's the start of the old birthday song they would sing to you at Red Robin about 20 years ago.
So, do YOU want it sung to you on "your special day"...
My Dad
Happy birthday to my dad, Howard Mushaben who turns 96 today. I've carried this picture in my wallet since 1973 when he was at United States Steel.
His priest summed it up best during one of his sermons about forgiveness. He said that none of us are perfect, except for Howard...