Men possessing habits that annoy women?  I know that is hard to believe, but that is what we are talking about this afternoon. 

Not that we would need to make an official list of them, but what are some of those habits that a guy has that women would find annoying?

Scratching and adjusting below the belt. Honestly ladies, we know they are not going anywhere.  So why we feel the need to always have our hands on "the boys" is an unsolved mystery.

Grunting and other useless noises. How we attempt to communicate with other humans using this type of language is beyond me.

Leaving a trail. A common phenomenon where men leave behind clothing, tools, food, and everything else throughout the house.

But with male habits that annoy women, what about vice versa?  What about a reverse list, one for the ladies?  Here are my top 3...

  1. Ability to use multiple rolls of toilet paper in one day alone
  2. Finding it appropriate to hold a conversation while football is on.
  3. Shoes.  Isn't one full closet of them enough?