Over the top or in behind? I've always thought the obvious answer was over the top. It's easy to access when your reaching for it (even with your eyes shut) as it's just hanging right there. Wherever I've lived... California, Edmonton or in my Montana Avenue loft it's always been over the top. According to Wikipedia, 60-70% of survey respondents think as I do.

There are some people however, in the minority, who think it's better to have it hanging behind the roll. Who are these people? Are they left-handed, communists or perhaps Australian? Their toilet water swishes down backwards so it might make sense. Still, it seems like you have to be part contortionist to want to have to try to access one of life's necessities by using your index finger and thumb to try to pinch the paper against the bathroom cabinet when it would be much easier to just grab it while it's hanging over the top the way God intended. The moral of the story is that you can be a godless communist if you want... or you can just orient your toilet paper so the end of the roll goes over the top so you don't offend the sensitivities of "real Americans" like me.

You're welcome.

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