I went to grab some lunch today at a fast food Mexican restaurant and had to stop at the red traffic light positioned on westbound 6th Avenue here in Billings (pictured above) right where it turns into Grand Avenue. Is this the most useless traffic signal in the history of traffic signals or what? No traffic intersects or is able to, in any way, cross in front of the westbound traffic.

Did the city make too large a purchase of traffic signals (I thought they didn't have enough money for schools?) and just install the overflow of equipment wherever it seemed like a good idea? Is the air not polluted enough that they needed to stop more cars so they could idle and help us build up more greenhouse gasses? Enquiring minds want to know. The only possible explanation is that is could be there for pedestrians to cross but in cases where there is no cross traffic municipalities usually just put up a crosswalk with a flashing yellow light and a button pedestrians can press whenever they want to cross... which isn't often at this particular intersection.

While I'm at it why in the heck can't people travelling on southbound 27th Avenue in downtown Billings turn left onto Montana Avenue when a train is crossing half a block south? If you've never had the pleasure, anyone on southbound 27th gets a red light and cannot legally turn left until the train has completely crossed. It's asinine. It's infuriating watching cars travelling east on Montana Avenue get a red light while the light on southbound 27th never changes to green thereby disallowing a left turn. I assume they do it because as some point some dumbass pulled up behind a full line of the cars stopped at the train tracks and blocked traffic on Montana avenue. That's why you give a moron like that a huge ticket. Don't penalize the rest of us.

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