Chris rock strikes again!  I guess the actor/comedian struck again on the 4th of July with this tweet that sent a lot of people over the top;

Happy white peoples Independence Day the slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed the fireworks.

First, take it for what it is and who sent it.  It's (mostly) a joke.  Second, when can we stop paying the penalty for our ancestors?  I use the term ancestors loosely, as no one in my family was even in America when slaves were slaves, and we took the land from the Native Americans.  The term Native American kind of uspets me.  I, too, am a Native American.  I was born here, so that makes me a native of America.  However, if I say that in a group of people they're appalled.

If it's ever a whites only event, scholarship, whatever, it would be protested all over America.  Here recently a white boy was accidentally given the United Negro College Fund money.  He gave it back, but after a bit of a stink. Let's not get all riled up and think I'm some kind of white supremicist.  I'm just someone who gets sick of all of this race stuff.  Enough already.

American's need to buck up and quit segregating.  We still allow it to happen.  It's just more politically correct now.  How many hundreds of years before everyone loses some anger.  Every race has something to be angry and embarrassed about.  Why not just concentrate on being Americans?


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