So why are they closed this year?

We are four inches ahead of where we were last year for moisture. Over the weekend we had another 1.4 inches on Sunday. It doesn't matter; the Billings Fire Department is again closing the most iconic tourist feature in Billings over the busiest tourist weekend.

Yup the Rims are off-limits again for July 4 through July 5th morning. Pioneer Park and North Park are kept open. Not the Rims. Even with fireworks being illegal in the Billings city limits, the Rims are closed.

They'll even be patrolling the area during that time.

Photo by Rajesh Ram on Unsplash
Photo by Rajesh Ram on Unsplash

No biking, no walking your dog, no using the bike trails up there. Nothing. Every tourist that comes to town and flies in wants to pull over and take a picture of Billings from above won't be able to July 4-5.

Sorry, the fire department has it closed, just too dangerous for that holiday in the month of July.

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Keep in mind that fireworks are also illegal for residents over the New Year's Eve holiday but the Rims are not closed. December is a drier month than June and all the grass below the Rims is dead and brown by then.

But sorry, no life allowed on the rims over the 4th of July. About three years ago we left them open and everything was fine but that's just too much freedom over the weekend that we celebrate our freedom and independence.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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