I guess I needed to write this down so various restaurants, grocery and department stores know what I'm expecting when I am spending my money at their business.

Fast food places. I just want "reasonably quick" food. I don't need it "Lightning fast". Just so it doesn't take too long. And it's hot when I get it. And it's how I ordered it.

Going in to sit down places for a meal. We went to a pizza place last week that was 85 degrees inside. I asked about it. All I was told was that we couldn't block the door open with a chair. That was against fire code. At least the pizzas were made properly.

And retail stores. Hey, I'm standing by the same item for 10 minutes because I'd like to ask a few questions about it. As soon as you are your coworker get done discussing some gentlemen from their school, apparently named "Dillon" who is SOOOOOO cute.

Guess I'll just buy my stuff someplace else.


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