I've had ADT Security as my security company for seven years. I found another company that offers some different features that I've decided to switch to.

So on Friday, I went to the ADT website to cancel my service with them. On their website, you have lots of different options. Like, get the package that comes with the free doorbell camera.

You can build a custom system for your home or business with a mixture of indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras.

You can choose between basic, smart, and video monitoring.

You can arrange for an in-home consultation.

Heck. If you'd like, they will even monitor your place for carbon dioxide.

But the one thing that you can't do on their website is cancel their service.

So I called. When prompted, I pressed a button so I could speak with a human being. But the human I got didn't do cancellations (Which is kind of like the fast food worker only does fries, not milkshakes).

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So she sent me to somebody else. And after 31 minutes of being left on hold, I hung up. And then ordered a new credit card from the company that I used to pay ADT with.

And I deal with a couple of other companies like that.

Canceling should be just as easy as signing up. And that's for everything.

But that's also how a lot of companies think. They know that some consumers are just too lazy to cancel. While some others won't wait however long it takes on hold to talk to somebody to get the task accomplished.

And while it was frustrating, I knew right away what I would be writing about today.

Goodbye, ADT.

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