Lady Antebellum frontwoman Hillary Scott is loving her role as a first-time mama. But one thing she isn't loving is the high expectation set for women's post-pregnancy bodies.

The 'Downtown' songstress and mom to baby Eisele opened up to People about the intense scrutiny that lots of moms face after giving birth. "There’s so much pressure on new moms -- especially who are in the public eye -- to get back into shape as soon as possible," she says, "which translates to, ‘As soon as possible, look like you were never pregnant or had a baby.’"

Adds Scott, “The women who get there the fastest are celebrated like it’s an accomplishment. I think that is so wrong and sends such a bad message to young women.”

Instead of giving in to the pressure, the Lady A star is going to turn her back on the unrealistic ideals and focus on what really matters.

“That pressure really forced me to take a deep breath and accept and embrace me for me, which is always a work in progress, but more important now that I have a daughter," she explains.

Plus, it sounds like Scott has an incredible support system in the form of her husband, Chris Tyrrell. “Just when I thought I couldn’t love him more, I love him more every day!” she shares. “He is such a hands-on dad. He is not afraid to do anything -- there is not a thing he won’t do."

That includes the stinkiest part of being a parent -- diapers.

"He has changed the majority of poopy diapers in our house,” Scott dishes. “The more I’ve been walking through being a new mom, I see that it’s pretty rare that the father is so hands-on, so natural and so joyful with it.”

With a beautiful daughter, doting husband and tremendously successful country trio in Lady A, Scott is one lucky girl. And when she hits the road for the band's Take Me Downtown Tour early next year, all that the fans will care about is seeing the group back together onstage, highlighted by her powerhouse vocals and riveting stage presence.

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