When our editor read my article about making homemade sodas with a ginger bug, she told me she was a little grossed out by the "bug" thing.  I agree it's not the most appetizing term, but it can give you pretty great results.  She told me if I actually made the sodas, she would give at least one of them a try.

I decided to make a couple of gallons this weekend; one strawberry and one blueberry.  They'll sit in the jugs for a few days to build up some fizz, then I'll put them into some swing top bottles and leave them on the counter for another two or three days.  After that, they'll go into the fridge to stop the fermentation process so I don't get our editor drunk at work.

If you or your family are into fizzy drinks, this stuff is a little better for you than the store bought stuff.  No artificial anything.  Ginger, fruit, sugar and water.  You do use a lot of sugar, but a lot of it is consumed by the bacteria that makes this all possible.

Once I get a taste test, I'll give you the final update.

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