We got into a discussion this morning about a couple of local distilleries that produce gin, whiskey and/or vodka. I'm not really into those liquors, but I know many folks are.

Do these types of places have to get the "full" liquor license that Montana requires for regular bars? Or is this some offshoot license that is cheaper? I'd like to know.

Wil OUR Costcos' ever get to sell hard liquor? Or is that another one of those Montana deals? And we will just always buy it at state liquor stores.

I stopped at a Wyoming liquor store that had a drive-through, just for the experience.

Then I also got to talking to coworkers who have had that one bad experience with that one flavor of booze. No details are available, but I can tell you that I will never need another bottle of gin or peppermint schnapps. Also, no Harvey Wall Bangers. Long story. Bad ending.



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