A friend recently shared a post on social media, raving about cheesecake. Not just any old cheesecake, but square cheesecakes... baked with love by a boutique in Sheridan, WY called Cheesecake Squared. My friend claimed that these cheesecakes are the absolute best she's ever had. A tall claim, no doubt. I had to know more.

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Browsing the Cheesecake Squared website led me to an exciting discovery. Not only are their square slabs of cheesecake available in a variety of traditional and unique flavors, but they also make alcoholic cheesecakes. Let me repeat that... booze infused cheesecake. The alcoholic cheesecakes include flavors like:

  • Crown Apple
  • Kahlua
  • Margarita
  • Tennessee Honey Jack Daniels

Owned by husband and wife team Adam & Paige Folks, I reached out to Adam to find out what makes their products unique. When I warned him that I generally have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude regarding cheesecake, he laughed and said I clearly haven't had good cheesecake, adding that the cheesecakes most of us are familiar with aren't great examples of a truly good cheesecake. Many are fluffed with air or have a cakey texture and mouthfeel. Store-bought cheesecakes may also be filled with preservatives and other gunk to ensure a stable shelf life or to cut costs.

Credit: Cheesecake Squared
Credit: Cheesecake Squared

The company recently celebrated its fifth anniversary and do not plan on opening a retail location in the near future. Based in Sheridan, they take custom orders and make routine deliveries to communities around Wyoming. They also wholesale their cheesecakes to about a dozen restaurants around the state and plan to expand their footprint. Cheesecake Squared does come to Billings to make deliveries about once per month, so inquire on their website if you'd like to place an order. At this time, shipping is not an option.

Adam said his favorite of the booze cheesecakes is the Tennessee Honey Jack Daniels, which contains a half cup of liquor. I'm leaning towards ordering the Crown Apple cheesecake. Don't worry about getting a buzz from the cake. The alcohol evaporates in the baking process so it's safe to eat and drive or share with kids. Keto and gluten-free varieties are also available. Find out more HERE.

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