I used to be that person who never got sick, but apparently those days are over.  I'm on my second cold of 2019 and it's February.  I suppose I could blame my aging body that I don't take proper care of, but I still choose to blame my daughter and the germ factories she hangs out with on a daily basis at school.

All biological creatures are doing one of two things: growing, or dying.  She's 11, so she still falls into the growing category.  Her immune system is getting stronger as her body continues to develop.  I on the other hand am in the latter category and it's becoming obvious to me that, as a wise country crooner once said, I need to "eat a few more salads and not stay up so late".

If you're a teacher and forced to hang around these germy rugrats, please tell everyone what you do to protect yourself when the sniffles are going around your classroom.

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