Bees - especially Yellow Jackets - I hate them. And they are SO bad right now.

Want to go run around outside? Nope. Want to eat on the deck for dinner? Nope! You literally can't do anything outside right now without being attacked by a wasp or yellow jacket! They are being very aggressive and they're freaking everywhere!

We have a small roof over our front porch and it doesn't fit all the way against the siding of the house. It's literally less than an inch space. Well, somehow, a whole tribe of big wasps made a big ol nest in there. That's fine. I'll just buy wasp spray that says "kills on contact" and spray it up there. I'll kill their nest and all of them and then we will be all good.

Except that's not the reality.

My husband and I used the ENTIRE can (big sized, too) of this foam that says it "kills on contact" "kills nest" "they won't return and if they do they will die."


They were PISSED when we sprayed them (the multiple times we did) but they are STILL there. Not leaving. Not dying. We've also purchased a trap and there are currently zero bees in the trap. WHAT DO WE DO?! How is Gods name do you get rid of yellow jackets and wasps here?!



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