Wow, the housing market has sure shifted since I last lived in Billings.

The last time I moved here, I found a house in a day.  Sunday, will be 2 weeks since I arrived in the Magic City, and I still don't have a home!  Most of the people I talk to tell me it's the oil-boom in Williston, North Dakota.  I have no doubt that has something to do with the situation.  I'm also wondering if the mortgage crisis is finally hitting everyone of every income level.

Every home I've looked at has had, at least, 20 other applicants.  A lot of us are employed full-time and are responsible individuals.  I'm just wondering how many are in a position such as mine?  I'm a widow, and I prefer renting now so I don't have to worry about fixing my house.  I am also a single income home, and that makes home ownership really hard and honestly, too scary.

Did you encounter this situation when you moved to Billings?

I swear, if I have to stay in a hotel much longer, I'm going to covert the back seat of my car into a studio apartment!

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