So what advice would you have for Theodore?

He was thrown into the spotlight this week in an article on the housing problem in Missoula. I can't wait for all of the follow-up articles this week that seem to indicate that Portland has all the right answers.

Portland is an American disgrace. Their city is a cesspool of losers who go there because they make it easy for them to do drugs and eat and can live on the streets.

Portland, Oregon and Mount Hood
Credit: kcbermingham

Anyway back to Theodore, a 24-year-old young strapping guy who is living under the bridge and is complaining about the cost of housing. What's he doing with his money? Does anybody want to guess?

Every company in Montana is looking for a 24-year-old in his prime to work. He could work 2 or 3 jobs at that age and have a condo in 2 months. Companies begging people to work, offering bonuses offered at signing. Incentives for staying 6 months.

Kris Edwards,Townsquare Media
Kris Edwards,Townsquare Media

So why can't Theodore get out from under the bridge? Today's article referred to people who, can you believe this, want to make profits on things like housing.

It said in Portland they want a wealth tax so they can provide housing for the people who haven't acquired theirs yet. That's the best way to acquire wealth, stay under the bridge and wait for it to show up in your lap.

Oh and keep attacking capitalism, that's what provided a living for all the people that are going to pay for your housing. America we have lost our direction and I'm not sure the ship taking on water can be saved.

See you tomorrow at 5 a.m., where my day has started every day for the last 40 years at 3:50 a.m.

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