Is phone etiquette a must, especially if your calling on behalf of a charity?  Is it that tough to have good phone etiquette?

As my daughter would say, it grinds my gears when you call an office and the person answering the phone, who by the way represents your company, is rude, or disengaged in the conversation.

Recently I received a call from someone who said they were calling on behalf of XYZ charity.

They asked if they could  send a pledge form to me.

I said that would be fine, and that I would probably have my husband fill it out and send it back.

Good right?

Well apparently not, as soon as I said I would have my husband follow up, she just hung up.

No thank you or what is your address, just simply hung up on me.

Guess we won't be donating to that organization.

Have you ever had this happen to you?


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