Now that Christmas is over and we are inching up on the New Year, have you taken down your Christmas tree and decorations yet? When I was a kid growing up, we would put the tree up a few days before Christmas and then leave it up until a few days after the New Year. Not only did we leave the tree and decorations up, "Santa" would come on New Years Eve and leave us a plate of candy, nuts and fruit (just like on Christmas)  When I became a mother, I didn't continue the plate of candy tradition, but when the kids were little, we did leave the tree and decorations up until a few days after the New Year. Now that the kids are grown (well almost, they're 20 and 17) I have found myself the last few years taking down the tree a few days after Christmas. I don't know what changed, I just started taking it down earlier than I had been. How long should you leave your tree and decorations up? And what about those that leave their Christmas lights on the outside of their house up all year long?

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