We are behind Emily. The petition on change.org now has over 30,000 signatures. Billings is apparently also standing behind this wonderful young lady.

Last night I saw the post from folks at the High Horse Saloon. They are going to donate $250 worth of catered food for Emily's graduation party.

I am ashamed to say that I wasn't the one to think about a party. But it sure sounds like there's going to be one.

They also asked if anyone else would be willing to match their donation. So I did. I've got about exactly that much in my "Let's do the right thing" fund.

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Then it was matched again by Rocky Mountain Glass. Then matched again by Precision Custom Graphics. Who, in addition to money, have offered to provide custom printed banners and decorations for Emily's party.

Then Yellowstone Cellars & Winery donated a case of wine worth about $300.

Sounds like we are on our way.

I also heard from Yellowstone Kellys and they want to help out.

I got word from a manager of a venue where we could have a big wingding.

We don't know how this all going to turn out for Emily. But I do know that we live in a wonderful place filled with a lot of folks who want the school board to do the right thing.

Update. Just since I started typing, the donation had been matched by Ace Storage Center, The Meat Palace, Debizel Property Managers, High Tide Casino & Bar, Jed Herginrider, Goff Insurance Group, with others also offering more cash.

Billings, you rock.

Let Emily graduate.

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