Everyone is complaining about the unusually high three digit temperatures in Montana and across the Northwest, I've seen a lot of whining about ruined gardens, lawns, and flower beds. People are trying to keep themselves, and their pets, cool during these 90 plus degree days, but don't forget about your fish. And it's tough to cool down suffering newborns and infants who can't stay hydrated with water. It sucks for everyone. In fact, more than 90% of Montana is facing "abnormally dry to extreme drought conditions" according to the local news. 

The reason newborns can't drink water is because it takes up the space in their little tummies, keeping them from being able to absorb the nutrients from their formula or breast milk, so don't put water in their bottles. Instead try holding them in a cool shower, or bathing them in cool water. We've been dressing our baby in just a diaper with an occasional cool washcloth on the head during the hottest part of the day. There's no reason to put clothes on a baby when it's 102 degrees outside, they just need a diaper and a spit up bib. (I actually think I've seen this outfit at Testy Fest...or maybe it was Maggotfest??)

When the heatwave hit the Northwest, we all learned that there are very few homes with air conditioning in the Seattle and Portland areas. When temps there hit the 90s I felt so bad for babies, the elderly, and fish in home aquariums. The most common way to cool down a fish tank is to place ice packs or bottles of frozen water directly in the tank. A listener shared that they take the lid of their tank and point a fan directly at it. Another suggested not using the lights for the week, just to keep things as cool as possible.

This heat is tough on everyone, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, and be sure to check on your elders and maybe let them stay at your place for couple of nights if you have AC. I certainly recommend the Bed Buddy hot/cold packs, we got ours from a kind relative but I'm pretty sure they have them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It's a tube of cold that goes around the back of your neck and can be chilled in your freezer, they are SO nice. Some recommend freezing your sheets and putting them back on the bed at bedtime, which sounds super uncomfortable to me, but whatever works, my friend.

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