When you think about all the great sports legends from Montana she should be at the top of the list. We all know the accomplishments of people like Jan Stenerud, Dave McNally, etc but when it comes to coaching It has to be Iona Stookey.

The dedicated volleyball coach from Huntley just won her 13th state B championship not to mention the other times her teams have qualified for state. Her passion and dedication to her girls, school, and volleyball program are unmatched. Her unselfish time and efforts in all of the girls starting in grade school on up is a true testimonial of her love for the game and the people she coaches.

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If anyone in any sport needs a  lesson on what it takes to build a program, it's right in front of you. She has always been a fighter and a champion. A true competitor. I know after I beat her in Ping Pong in Mexico one year she refused to let me off the hook until she beat me and she did. It's the same way she approached cancer a few years ago, made her mind up at that point that it wasn't going to beat her, and she beat that too.

I've known Iona for a lot of years and although we are distanced now I still find myself marveling at her consistency and love for her sport and athletes. If there ever was a real coaching legend in the State of Montana she would be at the top of my list. Congratulations Iona, Keep leading the way.

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