Is it wrong that I can’t BBQ on the community grill in my apartment complex?

It’s not that it isn’t available for use. It is fully operational and open for use 24/7. But I cannot bring myself to put my food on the same grill that someone else has used. Am I wrong?

Maybe if our apartment deck didn’t overlook the BBQ patio. I see a variety of people use the community grill. And I see a lot of BBQ do’s and don’ts out there…in my opinion that is.

My wife thinks that I am weird.

I think I am being practical. How do I know what condition the meat the person cooked before me was in? And what if they used some type of spice or sauce I dislike. There is not a lot of grill “wipe down” happening out there.

What do you think? Am I being a little too cautious? Too paranoid? I want to hear from you.

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