I couldn't feel more horrible than I do right now. I just made a mistake that I thought I would never make.

Without making excuses, I have had a ton on my mind lately. The thought of my mom falling apart so quickly has really taken a toll on my brain. I have been consumed mentally with her health among other things but like I said, I am not using that to get out of what I did. It's my fault and I am sorry for it deeply.

I came home from work the other night to have my wife meet me at the door holding a card in her hand. As I had a confused look on my face she hadn't it to me. I opened it an immediately realized what I had done...or in this case, not done.

It was a happy anniversary card to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary and I completely forgot about it.

I have never done this before. I am always on top of recognizing birthdays, anniversaries and more but I totally failed this year for this celebration.

I feel so ashamed and am publicly apologizing to her for my mistake.

Have you ever done this?