After a long day's working, I like to just go home and kick back sometimes. Flip on the 'ol TV, catch a few shows and relax. Pretty simple thing to do for most people but for me this can be bit of a challenge and it isn't even my fault -- for once.

It's an age-old battle for many households. The lost remote.

My kids have the most amazing ability to lose this. In fact, they tend to lose it so well, it sometimes is never found.

I swear there has to be a black hole somewhere in my house that sucks up things that only I need at that particular moment.

Well, it has happened again. I get home ready to kick back and the remote is gone. Problem is, without it I cannot run the TV at all. That is what my kids don't understand.

We searched the house high and low with no trace of this danged remote anywhere. No footprints and even a bloodhound wouldn't be able to sniff this sucker out.

At this moment, it is still gone. I can only hope that it will get lonely and find it' way home. Only time and heavy lifting will get this puppy found.

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