I don't how many hours a day I'm scrolling through things on Facebook, but it's a lot. And for as much time as I'm on there, there isn't much of what I'm looking for.

But I ran across an idea on there this week that I really liked.

And I shared the idea with my daughter, but it's a good idea for all your loved ones.

The idea is for when you are lost and your phone is about to die. Change your voicemail message and give the time you changed it. Then also put your location on there. And any other pertinent details that might be helpful. That way if you turn up missing, searchers will have a place to start looking for you.

And that idea struck me if a scenario where some weirdo was following my daughter around, and something happened, we'd have a starting point.

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A side note here. My daughter and her friends actually WERE followed around at the mall. And to that gentleman, I say thank your lucky stars that I wasn't closer. I really would have liked to have met you and shown you what an unreasonable dad looks like.

O.K. Now back to the technology portion of today's article.

We also use the Life360 app. It shows the locations of everybody in your group. So I can always pop the app open and see where my kiddo is. And since she never goes anywhere without her phone, it works well. And she doesn't know when I'm checking up on her.

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