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I don't know when my love of pepper began, but I love it on just about every food item that I cook or order when I'm dining out.

My electric pepper grinder is my favorite kitchen item unless you count the refrigerator because it keeps the beer cold. But everything coming out of my kitchen has got some extra blackness on it.

So, I'm out for lunch last Friday and I get my salad delivered and I try the pepper shaker and am once again disappointed. I get a wisp of pepper. Pepper shakers don't care how violently you pound their shakers up and down. A wisp is all you get. So, I unscrewed the top for easier access to what I deem a proper amount.

This time I get just a little more than I bargained for, but it didn't bother me a bit. I just dunked each bite of salad in for more spicy goodness.

Changing directions, I saw a post on Facebook this morning asking who has the best steak salad. As we all know, all salads are not equal. I mean what right-thinking person would offer hard-boiled egg on a salad?! No thank you.

My idea of the right salad has a little Ice Burg lettuce along with a little bit of baby spinach. Please add a couple of thin slices of red onion, some carrots, some of that purple cabbage, and Thousand Island on the side, please. For the topper, some cheese. Add a half dozen croutons and we're cooking with gas!

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